Monday, April 18, 2011

Critical Thinking - Intoduction to Logic

I've just attended a short class titled Intoduction to Logic which is one portion in Critical Thinking subject. how interestingggg.. I've enjoyed very minute of it! Hope the cikgu will conduct soon another level of the same subject which he said to be of the topic of Syllogisme.

semasa call nak make sure subjek ni releven tak dgn aku, org yg jwp talipon kata 'ianya adalah ilmu dan sesuai utk semua org, dtglah'.

so it's proved to be very meaningful and benificial for me, can't wait to have the follow-up class which might take some time to happend - probably next sem.


lupekanje said...

hai kakteh..
ada jugak la hapdet blog ye..hehe

Anonymous said...

hai cen,

takut lupa password cam aritu.. sib baik ada tempat rujukan hehe.. thanks.

- dizz