Monday, January 23, 2012

sedikit jiwang sob sob...

actually cuba nak avoid to post too personal things but today I cant help it, I'm touched by this post made by my eldest daughter on her blog, apa2 pun aku hrp anak2 aku cepat matang dan tau bezakan buruk baik, alhamdulillah jika semuanya berjalan baik, semuanya kerana pertolonganMu jua Ya Allah. semua kami adalah manusia yg lemah, hambaMu yg tiada sebarang kekuatan melainkan dengan izin dan pemberianMu, segala rezeki yg kami perolehi adalah drpMu jua. Semoga Allah tetapkan iman dan pelihara kami drp jln kebinasaan, kami sedar siapa diri kami sebagai hambaMu yg lemah dan hina dan sentiasa bergantung kpdMu.

Sunday, January 8
To Mama!

Today is mom's birthday. Well I almost forgot to keep track on that. It's been some time since the last I had a proper chat/video call with her. She's that busy, I sleep early. No perfect time to have a conversation. Sad isn't it. But we still keep on emailing each other. And up till now, she never fail to make me cry every time I read hers :')

I love it when she keeps on reminding me to study and to recite quran as often as I can. It is just so her that no other people would ask me to do so, really. And she's the type of mother who's constantly nagging her daughters to wear proper attire, but yaaaah I obviously fail to do that.

There's one time mom mentioned to me that she's getting old and she gets tired easily. I broke down in tears. The saying that goes 'Love your parents, we are so busy growing up, we are often forget that they are also growing old' came rushing to my head. It's just so saddddd. I don't want my mom to grow any older. I wish I could freeze the time :'(

But mama don't you worry because you have me to look after you :)

Happy birthday. I love you I miss you. (I know you read my blog!). Haha.

I love you too, we all love U, we miss U every single day, masa family gatherinhg kat penang baru2 ni, semua org ingat kat dila, termasuk chu, lang, cousins and the rest. If only u were here too.... sob sob.
*I know u read my blog too hehe *

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Delaila said...

sorry lambat baca hehe :D lOVE YOU!